George P. Gogue, Ph.D.



Professional experience Since 1987 G2 Consulting Beaverton, OR, USA

Consultant in Motion Control

Design and analyze motors and electronic control in existing and new products. Motor sizes range from sub fractional HP (for disk drives) to tens of HP (for electric vehicles). Participated in mechanical design and manufacturing of motors and actuators (and their compatibility with the final product) for US and international companies.

April 1983 - Sept. 1987 Synektron Corp. Portland, OR, USA

Manager of Small-Drive Development

Developed spindle-drive motor assemblies and magnetic actuators with conventional and Proprietary designs for this startup company. Supplied prototypes to several customers which resulted in large orders and led to volume production. My major involvement was in new designs and projects.

April 1981 - April 1983 Electro-Craft Corp. Hopkins, MN, USA

Senior Design Engineer/Research & Development

Investigated design of DC motors and their performance with or without switching amplifiers. Also performed research on switching devices and their circuits. Led a major project from design to completion.

June 1980 - Aug. 1980 Walter Jones & Co. London, England

Project Engineer

Performed feasibility study and design of a brushless pump and its electronic control circuit. Temporary position.

1976 - 1980

Ph.D. Research

Researched motor design and power electronics applied to electric motors.

1969 - 1975

University Work

Supervised electrical machines and power systems laboratories. Also lectured on electrical technology and electrical machines at the University of Basrah, Iraq.

Education & Training

1976 - 1980

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering University of Aston, Birmingham, England.

Ph.D. title: Commutation of a Brushless Motor Using Power Transistors.

The Ph.D. project was an investigation into the application of power transistors in the switching of a DC brushless motor. The design of the motor and the electronic commutator were also part of the project. Thyristors were used in the power supply, and extensive work was done on logic circuits.

1975 -1976

M.Sc. Electrical Machines and Power Systems University of Aston, Birmingham, England.

Six months of course work in Mathematics (Fourier & Laplace), statistics, electromagnetic theory, machine theory (and generalized theory), power system analysis & Stability, conventional machine design and computer programming. In the remaining six months a research project was carried out on the operation of an eddy-current coupling.

1965 - 1969

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering University of Basrah, Iraq.

The degree included both heavy and light current subjects. The final year project was on the design of a 3-phase induction motor.

Professional Memberships

1978 Member of Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers, USA.

1977 Associate Member of Institution of Electrical Engineers, UK.