Optimal Design of Magnetizing Fixtures

Permanent magnets are used in large numbers in brushless DC motors, actuators, sensors, instruments, and other electromagnetic devices. Magnetic materials are rapidly becoming more powerful and the devices which use them are constantly being redesigned into smaller sizes, with equal or better performance. The reduced dimensions of the magnets, along with increased number of poles, in materials of very high coercivity, make the magnetizing process much more difficult. Given a particular magnetizer (electric pulse generator) it may be impossible to properly charge a given magnet with a specified pole pattern, even though the equipment is capable of supplying the required energy. In this article, methods will be considered which lead to a strategy for defining an "optimal" magnetization process for a given permanent magnet when charged by a particular pulse generator, depending on the competing needs of cycle rate, sharpness of magnetic transitions, etc. and show when no solution is possible. A different magnetizer, or modifications to the existing magnetizer, might then be needed

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